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Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia

Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia

Listen to the velvet baritone voice, lifted on the warm tradewinds, each line weaving an image of romance. Hawaiian songs from vintage to newly composed, lyrics in the language of the land, and songs from our collective memory. Unforgettable.
Excerpt from CD liner notes of Gary's new CD, "Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia."

Gary's new CD, "Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia (Unforgettable)" is a reflection of his diverse singing styles and interests. From traditional Hawaiian mele to Broadway tunes, songs old and new, Gary delivers his heart-stopping renditions that are sure to please.

Spotlight's Oahu Gold CoverThe main selection "Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia" is Gary's rendition of "Unforgettable," a song made popular by Nat "King" Cole and memorialized by his daughter Natalie Cole many years later. This song, done by Gary in both Hawaiian and English, features a translation done in 1993 by Aunty Malia Craver. Regarding the translation, Aunty Malia says, "As you know that most of the haole songs and its terms we do not have in Hawaiian, neither do we think poetically alike. As a result, it's difficult to translate them." The translation is Aunty Malia's best effort in trying to make sense of the song in Hawaiian.

The liner notes by Lynn Cook include Gary's personal comments about why he selected each song on his CD. The selections include a duet with his neice, Pomaika‘i Keawe Lyman, and a guest appearance by his brother, Eric Keawe, singing one of their mother's favorite songs. Backing Gary up on the CD are Alan Akaka and Patrick "Kaipo" Asing.

Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia was released on September 6, 2012, and was featured in a recent Harry B. Soria's Territorial Airwaves broadcast. This show featured an on-air interview with Gary and several CD selections.

Spotlight's O‘ahu Gold

The May 6-June 12, 2013, edition of Spotlight's O‘ahu Gold featured a review of Gary's new CD in its "Spotlighting...Island Gifts" feature.

Gary Aiko and Jerry Byrd

Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia (Unforgetable) by Gary Aiko

Gary Aiko's long-awaited album Poina ‘Ole ‘Ia (Unforgetable) resonates with the legacy of his mother, renowned vocalist Genoa Keawe, and perpetuates the hapa-haole music culture with a soul-moving collection of island classics such as "Aloha Ka Manini,", "Ho‘omalimali" and "Hawaiian Cowboy." Sung in Tahitian, "Bali Hai" and "Tiare No Tahiti" add to the album of Pacific Island favorites.

Nominated to the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Best Male Vocalist Award, Aiko completes the album with a beautifully illustrated booklet that provides song lyrics, translations of Hawaiian lyrics, and a brief description of each song's personal meaning.

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